Seasonal Eating

Farm Dinner

Taste the difference!
Eating fruits and vegetables while they are in season is not only good for local farmers – it’s also great for your budget (your taste buds will thank you too)!

In addition to shopping at our family farm, there are a lot of ways to find produce that’s in season and great ideas to get you started.

Buy Fresh Buy Local
The Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local® program celebrates regional foods – heirloom tomatoes, farmstead cheeses, varietal wines, pasture-raised lamb, and crisp apples – the abundance and diversity of foods available to you locally is truly inspirational! Learn more…

Eat Local Challenge is a group blog written by authors who are interested in the benefits of eating food grown and produced in their local foodshed. Learn more…

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
For 20 years, PASA has worked to strengthen agriculture and food systems in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic United States. Learn more…