Our Farms

As our family has grown, so has the land that we farm to provide you with high quality produce using integrated pest management practices.  We encourage you to know your farmer-know your food!

  Apple Blossoms

Jean Soergel, Fourth Generation
Wexford, PA

The original homestead and orchard that started it all. The land surrounding the market produces some of the apples and berries that you find on our shelves.


  The Voll Farm

Larry & Linda Voll, Fifth Generation
Evans City, PA

This scenic property produces corn, straw, hay, beans and pumpkins among other things.


Richard & Mary Kay Soergel, Fifth Generation
Wexford, PA

In addition to apples, many of the vegetable and herb plants are started here from seed in greenhouses. This farm is also the home to Soergel’s Orchardview Stables.

  Beth & Randy's Property

Randy & Beth Soergel, Fifth Generation
Evans City, PA

Although they specialize in plants for the greenhouse, Randy and Beth’s property produces corn, pumpkins, hay and straw for the market.

  Reed & Danetta's Farm

Reed & Danetta Soergel, Fifth Generation
Prospect, PA

In addition to growing the bulk of the produce for the market, Reed and Danetta’s property serves as the winter home for many of the farm animals.

  Katie & Greg's horses

Greg & Katie Morrison, Sixth Generation
Evans City, PA

Some of the largest horses you will ever see are found at Katie and Greg’s! They are used for driving wagons, carriages and carts at the festivals as well as for showing.

  Adam & Nicole's Property

Adam & Nicole Voll, Sixth Generation
Renfrew, PA

Continuing the agricultural heritage of the Soergel family, Adam works with his uncles to raise the produce that is sold in the market.

In addition to our family, we partner with a number of local and regional farms that we’ve grown with for generations!