The Market


Warm pies right out of the oven, produce straight from the field, and your favorite gourmet foods in the middle of an apple orchard that dates back to 1850.

Gourmet Foods
The best candies, jams, teas, soups, spices, and much more. Soergel’s private label items offer all of your farm favorites and make great gifts too.

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Baking Necessities

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy mix or the best raw ingredients to start from scratch, check out our selection. We carry a large assortment of King Arthur baking ingredients along with mixes you won’t find in other stores.  Couple that with our fresh ingredients, and you’re bound to be a successful baker!

Soergel’s Locally Roasted Coffee
In partnership with a local coffee roaster, Soergel’s offers a line a of fresh-roasted coffee in a variety of family-selected flavors. Available in whole bean or have it freshly ground right here in the market.

Local and Unique Products
Are you looking to support local businesses or just for something new and different? Our staff seeks out local products, as well as hard-to-find items.

Ice Cream Shop: Soergel Scoops
Introducing Dole Soft Serve!  Gluten free, fat free and vegan makes Dole the perfect treat for anyone. Additionally, there are newly expanded ice cream options including a signature apple pie a la mode, milkshakes, and healthy smoothies.  We carry classic flavors, new favorites, and seasonal surprises.