Gift Baskets

Call 724-935-1743 or drop in to talk with our basket designers about creating the perfect gift basket for you!

Custom Gift Baskets

We design custom Gift Baskets for all occasions!  Choose a theme or let us design something special for you!  Our most common gift basket themes are:

Breakfast Items Snacks & Candies Baker’s Basket
Wine & Cheese Coffee & Teas Bridal Shower
All Chocolate Italian Dinner  

Don’t forget about our Arrowhead Wine Shop! We can include a bottle of wine in any basket! Call 724-935-1743 for further questions and to place orders.


Pie and Cookie Wreaths

  Pie Wreath A unique Soergel signature item!  We take a fresh baked Apple Pie and surround it with a colorful variety of sweet fruits such as apples and oranges.  Other fruits may be used depending on availability.  $27.99+tax
  cookiefruit A tasteful variety of cookies surrounded by an assortment of vibrant fruits.  Approximately 2 dozen cookies are used for this cookie wreath, depending on the size and type of cookie.  If you don’t want to walk into a party empty handed, think about taking this cookie wreath with you! $28.99+tax
  Pie Wreath This pie and cookie wreath is a dream for anyone with a sweet tooth!  It has a deliciously sweet apple pie, with a scrumptious assortment of fresh baked cookies. $29.99+tax

Fruit Baskets

  Fruit Basket A colorful array of delicious fruits.  It has crisp apples, juicy citrus fruits, beautiful bananas, and a perfect bunch of grapes to top it off.  This basket includes approximately 15 pieces of fruit and is the perfect hostess, thank you, or get well gift.  $19.99+tax
  Fruit Basket This basket also includes 15-18 pieces of fruit plus Soergel’s own scrumptious jelly or apple butter.  For a little added sweetness we add a bag of candy!   $29.99+tax
  Fruit Basket The sizable basket included 20-25 pieces of colorful fruit, plus Soergel’s own jelly or apple butter, candy, and nuts.  Due to the variety of items in this basket it is great to please anyone’s taste buds!  $39.99+tax
  Fruit Basket In this basket is a plentiful variety of 25-35 pieces of fruit, Soergel’s own jelly or apple butter, candy, nuts, cheese and crackers.  This is a great gift for a family or a group of people.  $49.99+tax






























We Ship Apples!

Want to share your favorite Soergel apples with family around the country? Call 724-935-1743 to ask about available apple varieties and shipping!