Soergel’s Angus Beef

It has always been our family goal to bring to you wholesome food of the highest quality.  When it comes to our beef, there is no exception.  We offer premium freezer beef that will prove to be the most tender and flavorful eating experience.

  • Soergel's Own BeefHigh Marbling- We choose to raise Black Angus cattle because they are known for their high degree of marbling and flavorful meat.
  • Fast Frozen- Our beef is frozen at a rapid rate, which creates smaller ice crystals that causes less damage to cell membranes thus preventing moisture loss during thawing.
  • Dry Aged- Our beef is dry aged for 14 days.  This results in an extremely tender and flavorful product that will truly promise an enjoyable eating experience.
  • All Natural- Our beef does not contain any artificial ingredients and is minimally processed.  We do not use any added hormones or growth promotants.   
  • Source Verified- All of our calves that we raise are traceable back to their mother cows and individual sires.

The Cattle

  • Sustainability- These cattle are given a  100% vegetarian diet of grains and grass hay.  They are fed the same homegrown quality that you can find in our market.  We grow the crops that are used to feed our cattle to ensure premium quality and a wholesome product.

Health Information

  • One 3-oz. serving of lean beef has only 179 calories.
  • Cattle are fed corn because it is nutritious and high in energy and can be stored throughout the year. Grass does not grow all year in many parts of the U.S. Corn is also from the grass family.
  • Lean beef is a naturally rich source of nine essential nutrients, including protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorous, niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin.
  • The fat in beef is good for our cognitive development.

PA Preferred:
Our farm is a Certified Beef Quality Assurance operation by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Beef Council.

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